The name “Bubble Koppe” means Bubble Heads (AIR MAX Heads). It is a unique term that originates from Cape Town, South Africa. It was created to give a certain group of AIR MAX fanatics a name. Originally started as a Facebook group by Cape Town sneaker collector and life long AIR MAX fan, Justin Ronne in 2011. He decided to one day post photos of unusual, forgotten and obscure Air Max models, essentially seeing how many he could find. It quickly turned into a true passion project to educate others on the huge expanse that is AIR MAX.

Bubble Koppe’s Instagram started in 2014 and has evolved into a platform and meeting place for the purist form of the AIR MAX connoisseur. It’s posts consist of a mix between vintage and new footwear & accessories with some insight into the deeper realm of Nike design, Nike advertising, apparel & logo design. it is a project which focuses on the flavour and aesthetic of Nike’s golden years through the unfiltered eyes of an established collector and basketball fan.

Founder  |   Justin Ronne

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